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Hauser Auto has been offering superior vehicle repair and maintenance for more than 20 and has built an understanding of their customers as well as the vehicles that are brought into our care. This means that, not only do we understand what your vehicle requires, we also aim to understand you as an individual.

Established in 2001, Hauser Auto has a rich history of providing professional vehicle repair and maintenance of all makes, models and years. Following our core values, we continue to grow to greater heights by ensuring that each of our customers' vehicles remains on the road. Now, under the helm of Andrew Thurston, our company continues to grow to greater heights.

Our assistant manager, Kenneth Rabalao, has been nothing but an asset to the company. He works well with every person he comes into contact with and will take your personal needs seriously. Peter Aphane, our Workshop Manager, is equipped with incredible technical skills and has extensive knowledge about all the vehicles we work on.

Placing your trust in Hauser Auto will not only give you premium quality services, but will also provide a worthwhile customer experience.

1. Fastest turn-around times in the industry
Here at Hauser Auto, we understand that owning a fleet means that every second is valuable. When even one vehicle is experiencing a problem, the entire business is affected. This is why we aim to produce the fastest turn-around times in the industry, while ensuring that vehicles are kept in their optimum condition.

2. High standard vehicle repair services

A fast turnaround time should not compromise the level of service provided. Here at Hauser Auto, quality service is just as important as how fast we get the work done.

3. Keep cost to a minimum
We also understand that money plays a role in fleet ownership. We aim to keep our costs at a minimum to cater to your budget needs in the best way we can.

We aim to become the mechanical workshop that vehicle and fleet owners trust. We want owners across the board to know that, with premium services, fast turnaround times and cost effective prices, Hauser Auto is the workshop to come to. We want to be the first thought on your mind when your vehicle, truck or bakkie needs a service or repairs. 

1. Attention to detail
In this line of work, having an eye for detail is important. Engines and vehicles are made up of parts that fit and work together in a particular way. To avoid damaging the integrity of each vehicle’s system, one needs to keep an eye on the small details.

2. Excellent Customer Relationships 
In any service providing entity, the relationship between the provider and the customer is vital for a good outcome.It is important to us that you feel respected and understood. It is not justyour vehicle that we look after.

3. Professional Workmanship
We take pride in the work that we do. We deliver the final product to our customers as good as new; if we need to take a vehicle apart, we will take extra care when we put it back together.

4. Ongoing Client Communication
We understand that time is money, and that you will be concerned about how far along we are in the process and how long it’s going to take.That’s why we make it a point to maintain constant communication with you, so you won’t need to ask these questions in the first place.

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servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles are done with high quality workmanship to ensure long lasting safety on our roads

hauser auto services & repairs team for all makes of vehicles
Andrew Thurston
hauser auto services & repairs team for all makes of vehicles
Kenneth Rabalao
Assistant Manager
hauser auto services & repairs team for all makes of vehicles
Peter Aphane
Workshop Foreman
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